The trailer of Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Tenet is here and it’s safe to say that we’re in for one hell of a ride. Starring John David Washington in the lead role with Robert Pattinson playing a gorgeous second lead, the film is centred around the concept of time and how it can be manipulated. 

The film also stars Elizabeth Debicki, Michael Caine, Dimple Kapadia, Denzil Smith and Himesh Patel in prominent roles. 

The trailer does get a bit confusing and leaves us with more questions that we had before. As the lead learns to manipulate time, in order to stop World War III, we’re left wondering how the time-reversal thing actually takes place. He can obviously see the bullets before they are shot, but obviously we have no idea how that works yet. 

Of course we have no idea of what is going on as cars chase backwards and bullets return to the gun. But we can’t wait for it all to make sense soon. 

Watch the trailer here:

The film is all set to release in theatres on 17 July, 2020.