Hey 90’s kids, do you remember that phase in your life where everybody around you was getting the iconic Rachel Green haircut? Those playful and bouncy layers that landed just above your collarbone was one of the trends I remember the most iconic decade by. 

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Well, would you believe me if I told you that after some 20-years, our favourite pop-star Selena Gomez has brought back our OG fashionista a.k.a Rachel’s iconic haircut with a modern twist? 


Arriving as a guest in a recent show, Selena debuted her new yet familiar looking chopped locks. And we have to admit, her Rachel Green inspired haircut is giving us major spring-summer hair goals.

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I mean with her black on black outfit along with the bling of the chic golden accessories, her over-all look is giving me major Rachel Green vibes. 


So after Selena Gomez attended The Ellen DeGeneres Show where Jennifer Aniston was guest hosting the episode, we’ve established that the 27-year-old pop singer is a huge fan of our OG influencer Rachel Green.( Just like all of us.) 


But what we didn’t know was that she was just like any other girl from the 90s who is still shipping and digging her closet and personality. She screamed to the audience: 

Rachel was my life!
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We’re not the only ones who think that Selena’s new locks are inspired by Rachel Green, Marissa Marino, Selena’s hairstylist has spilled the beans, confirming that Selena’s new look is a crossover between “The Rachel” and Goldie Hawn in First Wives Club. 

Getting up-close and personal with Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez got adorably candid in her Rachel inspired look. We have to say, that’s literally the best-revamped version of Rachel Green’s iconic haircut we’ve seen till date. 

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And can we please take a minute to appreciate how effortlessly Selena Gomez is pulling off this 90s look in 2020, the one that she reinvented?

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I mean the similarity between Selena Gomez and Rachel Green in these pictures is uncanny! The same heart-shaped face, the no-make-up-make-up-look, the same shade of the lipstick and the feathery layers!

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I mean look at those voluminous, lustrous flayers (feathery layers) and the way they accentuate the facial features while framing her face! I’m totally sold to get the 2020 version of the iconic Rachel Green haircut!

( And hopefully this time, I won’t end up looking like Salman Khan from Tere Naam) 


While we are still trying to get out of our winter hibernation mode and struggling with this unpredictable weather, Selena Gomez has given us a major inspiration to bring back the iconic Rachel Green haircut this summer!