What sets Aisi Taisi Democracy apart from other stand-up shows is how it combines the sets of two political satirists (Varun Grover and Sanjay Rajoura) with musical satires by singer Rahul Ram (band member, Indian Ocean). 

And one such musical satire is the Pollution Song that Rahul Ram performed, which is set to the tunes of the classic track, Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas.

He begins with the line, pal pal pollution mein, main rehta hun and then takes a humorous dig at what has now become our most common online search – real-time AQI data. 

And he also calls out the government authorities for not taking any action to help the citizens of the country. 

Funny, insightful, and in the current scenario, very important – this is one ‘remix’ that we actually needed. You can listen to the complete song here:

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