In many movies, the villains come with underlined characteristics. They’re bad, walk with a certain swagger, and there is always an interesting background music. However, there are also characters who become unintentional villains. Because of certain actions of their own, they let a bunch of characters in the film suffer for no reason whatsoever.

They might not appear like typical ‘villains’ at first, but if you give it some thought these 11 characters will start to look like the root of all problems in their respective movies:

1. Forrest Gump – Jenny

I’m sure she has every reason to be the pratical one and run away from a dimwit like Forrest Gump. But, does it seriously require all those years for her to figure out that there was no one on the planet who could love her more than this man with an IQ of 70? I really hated her because of the way she treated Forrest during those initial years when she was ‘finding herself’.

2. Jurassic Park – John Hammond

I’m sure Dadaji had massive plans for his million-dollar amusement park. But the truth is the reptiles he bred for his ‘amusement’ turned out to be the reason for horror for his whole extended family including grandkids. Not only did he build these godforsaken creatures, but he also drove his entire family in the midst of them and left them to die. Not cool, Grandpa!

3. The Matrix – The Oracle

A highly intelligent program written by the Architect of The Matrix to understand human empathy, the character sided with the humans in The Resistance, once her purpose was over. Being a clairvoyant, she predicts Neo becoming ‘The One’ after a ‘rebirth’, she helps Morpheus find his purpose of finding ‘the one’. She even predicts Smith breaking a plate full of cookies. But she withholds so much information and refuses to part from her vague responses which could have helped ending the war in the second movie itself. But no, Oracle being Oracle – she doesn’t even do that.

4. Captain America: Civil War – Tony Stark

There is no ‘right side’ yada…yada…yeah I’ve heard all that. But the thing remains that even after discovering Captain Zemo and seeing his elaborate orchestration, he lets Zemo get the better of him. He plays into the villain’s hands and successfully drives a wedge between himself and Captain America. Could it be more obvious, Iron-Man?

5. Titanic – Rose

SHE LET JACK DIE! THERE WAS SPACE FOR ANOTHER ONE ON THAT DOOR! The iceberg pales in comparison to how cold Rose is towards her lover’s well being on the Atlantic.


6. Gravity – Dr Ryan Stone

Sandra Bullock is a lot of things in Alfonso Cuaron’s movie – a hapless, clueless woman swerving in space, a survivor trying to make her way back to earth and one thing she is absolutely responsible for is everyone’s death in the movie. With the incoming signal about space debris, Bullock puts everyone at risk by asking for a few extra minutes. And then Clooney has to sacrifice himself cos she can’t hold on to a rope. What a waste!

7. Lord Of The Rings / The Hobbit series – Bilbo Baggins

Had Bilbo not stolen the ring from Gollum to escape his lair, and then passed it on to Frodo – none of the Hobbit books or the Lord of the Rings movies would have taken place. Almost. So it would be fair to say that Bilbo was the first domino for the whole fantasy-adventure. And also responsible for all the death and destruction that happened for that one ring.

8. La La Land – Keith

The heartbreaking musical was nearly a perfect love story, except for one man coming in and building up all the conflict by himself. Keith (played by John Legend) comes into Mia and Sebastian’s world and dooms them forever – by offering work to Seb. It’s also the reason Seb misses Mia’s show and they break up forever. WHY YOU DO THIS KEITH?

9. 127 Hours – Aron Ralston

That’s right. He doesn’t return his Mom’s call. He lies to his colleague about where he’s headed for the weekend. He doesn’t leave a note for anyone about where he’s going hiking. All this hubris means no one knows where Aron is, when he gets his arm trapped in a ravine between a rock and a hard place. Only if he had informed anyone, they would have found him before the 5 days.

10. Twilight – Bella

Oh God, just don’t get horny about a pale-looking vampire. And we’re all saved 4 books of YA trash.

11. Skyfall – M

Judi Dench, why did you have to give the order to take the shot? And then disown Raoul Silva? And then let Bond run an operation when he had clearly failed the physical test? You let MI: 6 burn, and even brought upon an attack on high-profile politicians for getting out-witted by an old protege. Shame on you!

Stupid people can be villains too!