Netflix’s new docuseries, The Romantics, delves deep into the evolution of movies and how Yash Raj films played a pivotal role in catalysing paradigm shifts in the Hindi cinema. The docuseries features famous Bollywood actors, directors, and writers who trace the journey of YRF and the contribution of Yash Chopra and his son Aditya Chopra to the film industry.

As celebrities chart the journey of YRF, we get to know a lot of interesting BTS secrets about some of the greatest Bollywood films and how they got made. Here are 12 details we bet you didn’t know before you watched the docuseries on Netflix.

The Romantics docuseries Netflix

1. Waqt (1965), directed by Yash Chopra, set the trend of multi-starrer films in India 

In the early days of his career, Yash Chopra directed films under the umbrella of his elder brother B.R. Chopra. His third film, Waqt (1965), featured multiple stars like Sunil Dutt, Raaj Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, Sadhana, Balraj Sahni, Madan Puri, Sharmila Tagore, Achala Sachdev and Rehman. The blockbuster movie set the trend of multi-starrer films in India. It was also among the first films to portray magnificent and elite settings that later inspired directors like Karan Johar. 

The Romantics Netflix Yash Chopra films

2. Amitabh Bachchan’s character of ‘The Angry Young Man’ in Deewar was built to mirror the building ‘backlash’ among the masses in a politically charged environment

The 70s decade witnessed the cruel Emergency. It brought forth a sharp divide between the rich and the poor, who were deprived of basic needs to sustain life. Amitabh Bachchan’s character Vijay Verma was symbolic of unrest among the masses, their loss of faith in the leaders, and the disappointed youth raging amidst the chaos.

YRF bollywood films Yash Chopra Amitabh Bachchan
Netflix | The Romantics

3. Rishi Kapoor originally wanted Neetu Kapoor’s part in Kabhie Kabhie

In fact, he even asked Yash Chopra to rewrite Neetu’s character for a man and give him that role.

YRF Yash Chopra Kabhie Kabhie
Netflix | The Romantics

4. Sridevi was initially unimpressed with her white wardrobe for Chandni

Yash Chopra had a vision for Chandni. In an interview with Karan Johar, he once said, “‘Chandni’ means purity, means whiteness, means innocence.” However, Sridevi was not impressed with the “dull” wardrobe. The director also had to convince her mother to trust his vision.

YRF romantic bollywood films
Netflix | The Romantics

5. Aditya Chopra had suggested Sooraj Barjatya, Director of Rajshri Productions, to cut two-and-a-half songs from Hum Aapke Hai Koun for a hit

The Romantics Aditya Chopra Netflix
Netflix | The Romantics

6. Aditya Chopra had suggested SRK should stammer on Kiran in the film Darr

SRK once had a classmate who stammered. In a BBC documentary, he studied how people’s minds become aware of one’s sound, so they can’t speak the word. For Darr, when he suggested he wanted that characteristic in his character, Aditya’s suggestion gave us a highlight that continues to be associated with SRK.

Netflix documentary yrf
Netflix | The Romantics

7. The first draft of DDLJ did not really get a good response

Can you believe it? After Aditya Chopra completed the draft of the film, he narrated it to the big-wigs of the industry. And they were completely perplexed at the end of the three-hour narration.

DDLJ Netflix docuseries The Romantics
Netflix | The Romantics

8. SRK did not really want to do DDLJ and become a romantic hero

TBH, it was deeply disturbing to know that the King of Romance never really wanted to go for romance. In fact, he kept stalling Aditya Chopra for months before giving him any concrete commitment.

The Romantics SRK romantic hero DDLJ
Netflix | The Romantics

9. John Abraham was more interested in riding bikes than in shooting Dhoom

In the docuseries, John Abraham called himself an “accidental actor.”

YRF action films bollywood Netflix docuseries
Netflix | The Romantics

10. The idea of Chak De! India sprung from a newspaper story screenwriter Jaideep Sahni read about India’s women’s hockey team

The screenwriter was deeply disappointed by the tiny coverage given to the Indian women’s hockey team when they had won a big tournament. He initially wanted to make a documentary. On his research, he found out the players did not even receive the most basic facilities.

Netflix's docuseries The Romantics Bollywood film Chak De! India conception
Netflix | The Romantics

11. Bhumi Pednekar was assisting when Ranveer Singh got cast for his debut film Band Baaja Baaraat 

Netflix evolving Hindi cinema The Romantics
Netflix | The Romantics

12. Yash Chopra had an inkling that Jab Tak Hai Jaan would be his last film. He revealed this in his final interview even before he had informed his family

The legendary director passed before the film released.

Yash Raj Chopra final interview
Netflix | The Romantics

If you’re a movie buff or curious about how Hindi cinema has evolved over the years, The Romantics should definitely be your next watch. It is now streaming on Netflix. You can find the link here.