One of our most favourite childhood memories, oops sorry, childhood rivalries is set to return and this time on the big screen.

Waner Bros. has unveiled the trailer for the upcoming Tom and Jerry movie, scheduled for a 2021 theatrical release.

The trailer begins with the unbelievable premise of Tom and Jerry starting over again after a lifetime of being enemies. But, wait who are we fooling here again? That’s just the beginning of another fun and laughter feud, this time in a big city – New York.

Jerry enters a fancy hotel which is about to host one of the biggest weddings of the century.

An event planner played by Choë Grace Mortez, is tasked with taking care of the hotel’s “mouse problem” before the high-profile wedding.

Her decision to seek help from Tom brings to us our favourite enemies, this time in a live-action film.

Apart from Choë Grace Mortez, the cast of Tom & Jerry includes Michael Peña, Rob Delaney, Ken Jeong and Colin Jost.

The trailer has received mixed reactions from fans worldover. While some of them are really looking forward to reliving their childhood memories, others are not happy with the move being a live-action film.

You can watch the trailer here.