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Take This Ultimate FRIENDS Quiz & We'll Know If You Know That They Know, We Know How Good You Are

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So no one told you life was going to be this way? You're bored at home and now we're checking how well you know the FRIENDS. 

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We really hope you don't get stuck on the second question and make it through the entire quiz. Coz the results will be here for you, when the quiz is over:  

1. For a brief amount of time, Joey and Chandler weren't roommates. Who replaces Joey as Chandler's new roommate? 

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2. What did Ross name his white-headed pet capuchin monkey? 

3. Rachel-Monica are up against Chandler-Joey in a show-style game contest. The competition is getting tough the girls have bet their apartment while the boys vow to_____ if they lose: 

4. We all know that Joey's soulmate was his recliner. Do you happen to remember his precious chair's name? 

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5. Rachel and Chandler are obsessed with this New York Style cheesecake which was for their neighbour, Mrs. Braverman. Which bakery accidentally delivers the cheesecake to Chandler's address? 

6. Remember when Monica briefly worked at a retro diner as a server? Would you happen to remember the exact name of the diner where she did her YMCA routine?

7. Phoebe has a very chilling signature artwork that easily spooks people. What does she call her masterpeiece? 

8. How many times has Ross Geller been married and divorced? 

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9. While discussing her worst Thanksgiving, Monica reveals that she 'accidentally' cuts off Chandler's toe in the past. Would you happen to remember what she was cooking for him?

10. So Phoebe officially changes her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock and 'inspired' by this Mike changes his name to? 

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11. Remember when Monica, Chandler and Joey are on a beach and Monica gets stung by a jellyfish? Who pees on her leg to relieve the pain? 

12. Ross sings a little something to make baby Emma laugh? Would you happen to remember what it was? 

13. So Chandler broke the 'bro code', cheated on Joey and kissed the girl Joey was seeing. Who was that girlfriend? 

14. We know that Chandler was the one to say the closing lines on the show. What does he say?   


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