Money Heist has returned to Netflix with its fourth season. And if you are not skipping the opening credits, you’d know what its theme song is.

If I stay with you, if I’m choosing wrong 

I don’t care at all 
If I’m losing now, but I’m winning late 
That’s all I want…

My life is going on.

Film Daily

Written by Spanish singer Cecilia Krull, the song is a hit on both, YouTube and Spotify. It has been played over 225 million times on Spotify.


In the opening credits, the song was played against a paper model of the Royal Mint of Spain for the first two seasons and against a paper model of the Bank of Spain from season 3 onwards.

The song has a calming effect on the listeners. You feel like humming it all the time. It just sticks in your head.

In an interview with, Cecilia Krull, who wrote the lyrics for the song said that she derived inspiration from Tokyo’s character.

The lyrics of the song are in line with the mood of the show that is all about resistance, trusting yourselves and leading your life on your own terms.


Not just Bella Ciao, Money Heist has given us another gem of a song to hum all day long.

You can listen to the complete song here.