As soon as the teaser for Part 2 of Money Heist Season 5 dropped, my mind started thinking of all the possible ways in which the ultimate heist could end.

Considering all the losses that the Professor has already encountered, it is certainly not going to be a happy ending, but that doesn’t mean we’re not rooting for a favourable end: 

1. The Professor comes up with the ultimate revenge plan and saves both, the heist and his remaining team members. 

This is the plan we’re all rooting for, and also because, die-hard fans do believe the Professor is invincible – at least, as far as his intellectual capabilities are concerned. It’s also safe to assume that this theory can only bear fruition if Sierra joins the Professor’s team. 


2. Alicia Sierra pulls a double-cross. 

Considering she just had a baby, that the Professor helped deliver, and she has no agency to go back to, one may think Sierra would not betray the Professor. Then again, she is one of the smartest antagonists from the series, and the one most likely to pull a trick no one expects from her! Plus, she does not care for anyone other than her kid, and if betraying the Professor secures her kid’s future, the she might just do that. 

3. The Professor is wracked with anger and guilt over Tokyo’s death, and Berlin’s son Rafael takes over. 

The teaser made it clear that Tokyo’s death hit the Professor hard. Having already lost Nairobi, the Professor is clearly guilt-ridden over the fate of his team and might just make a mistake – remember how he almost gave himself up when he thought Lisbon had been shot dead? So a scenario where he isn’t able to manage his anger and guilt, and Rafael (Berlin’s son) takes over, is highly probable. After all, there has to be a reason for why we were treated to flashbacks about Berlin’s son in part 1. 


4. Colonel Luis Tamaya finally gets a win and apprehends the Professor’s team. 

While this is certainly not an end that most fans would be happy with, it is a possibility. Because as much as Money Heist may ask for a suspension of disbelief, the fact remains, the Professor and his team are criminals – at least, in the face of the law. So while Col. Tamaya has so far, proven to be both, incompetent and corrupt, we can’t rule out the possibility that he might just win the final battle.

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5. Arturo is alive.  

Though there is enough evidence to prove he is dead, a few fans believe that he hasn’t actually died, and might just recover at the hospital. Now whether that affects the finale in any sense is hard to say. Then again, when has Arturo not ruined the Professor’s well-laid plans?


What do you think will happen in the season finale? Let us know in the comments section below.