Yes. Whatever thoughts just came to your mind, the answer is yes. Is it bad? Yes. It is worse than that? Absolutely. It’s cringy as hell with Nikhil Chinapa as Ross and Cyrus Broacha as Chandler. 

I was today-years-old when I found out that there exists, in the deep dark corners of Indian television, a desi version of FRIENDS. Someone just posted a video of its opening scene on Twitter. 

DNA India

This is real, guys. You should watch the episodes on YouTube. It’ll make you scream. It’s not just unfunny, it’s not original either. I mean, someone just watched FRIENDS too many times and made a fan version of the show. Except they copied every scene!

Cyrus Broacha has done a few pretty cool things in his life but playing Chandler isn’t on of them. It’s so extra, I want to…


Also, why is Central Perk a shady bar? Like what were they thinking?

And I am not the only who thinks so.  

Ignorance is a bliss. After watching this, I wholeheartedly agree.