While Bollywood is okay, I am an ardent worshipper of Bobbywood. The Bobbydom. Bobbytopia. Bobbyverse. The ultimate Bobby Deol church. You get it. 

Lord Bobby has given me life lessons I can attribute only to watching his movies. And today I’ll share the treasure with you. Here are 8 things I learned from the supreme Captain Bobby Deol. 

1. Raj Malhotra from Ajnabee

Raj taught me, that by ittefaq, and pyaar, we can guess anyone’s password no matter how ‘tough’ it is. Who needs 11:11, when you got Raj ka gyaan? Am I right or am I right? #EVERYTHING IS PLANNED. 


2. Rajvir from Dillagi 

Rajvir very subtly taught me the importance of social distancing, way before I was born. That way, I knew the assignment in advance. 

And also, that it’s okay if I fall in and out in love with someone. Take your sweet time to figure it out. There’s a silver lining in heartbreaks and breaking hearts. 

3. Vicky from Soldier 

Long before Tinder with its gang of softbois came into being, Vicky taught me about the softbois, jo meethi meethi baatein bolte hain with all that sWaG. Thanks for saving my with your Vicky avatar, Lord Bobby.


He also taught me that there is cool, then there is “Daddy, Daddy Cool“, but there is only one “Vicky Cool” that no one but a #real bruv like Bobby can pull off. I mean, are you looking at those sleek sunglasses. You may be team Keanu and Matrix, but I am definitely team Bobby and Soldier.

Being Indian

4. Bobby from Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

I can’t get over Bobby’s life lessons. He taught me self love and love. No questions asked. Well, when Bobby’s character is named Bobby, you couldn’t have expected less. Allz fair in louv and war.

Filmi Beat

5. Tarun from Tango Charlie

Tarun aka Tango, the human embodiment of a high-security Russian vault, taught me how important passwords are, and that I should not blame Google security for bugging me every time I log in with a different device. And that third time’s a charm. #TrustNo1


6. Jeeva from Bichhoo

Even Google Incognito got nothing on Jeeva, when it comes to being secretive. And as Jeeva, Bobby was clearly teaching me how to deal with nosy relatives, neighbors and just society in general.

The Indian Express

7. Shyam Singh/Ram Singh from Chor Machaye Shor

From Shyam aka Ram Singh, I learned to always secure important documents in secure locations… and not leave them lying under a pile of clothes on that chair in my room. Okay, this is still a lesson in progress, but we’re getting there. 


8.  Brij from Kareeb

Okay, Brij taught me a lot too but honestly, would you look at that smile? I remember nothing. BRB, let me watch the film a 5th time and really get the lesson.

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Bobby’s diverse characters taught me that Polymaths didn’t stop existing after the Renaissance and that I can be multi-talented in all aspects of life. Work hard and believe in yourself, just like his characters played all kinds of sports, so can I.

You can never fall short of life lessons if you are part of the Bobbydom.