Contrary to what we believe, privilege is not just visiting the Maldives during a pandemic or getting a job we don’t deserve. Privilege actually comes in many forms. 

While those may be major privileges, there are some privileges we enjoy without even realising it. So, we got talking to people who shared things they didn’t think was a privilege but were actually so. 

1. “When I tested positive for COVID-19, that’s when I realised that having friends/relatives is a privilege because the person I was sharing a hospital room with, had no one to talk to and was simply in bed all day long. I, at least, passed the time by video calling my friends.”

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2. “I had to quit my college and take up a job to support my family. Now I finally have the time and the money to pursue what I left mid-way. So yes, being able to pursue my dream after quitting my 9-5 job is a privilege.”

3. “I don’t have to depend on anyone to buy me things I want. I have a job that I love which allows me to be financially independent.”

4. “All throughout my childhood, I had no choice but to live with my toxic parents. But now that I am an adult, know my rights, and have a job, my parents can’t hold me back. That, my friend, is a privilege.”

The Times Of India

5. “I consider myself privileged because I can afford a therapist and work on my mental health. 

6. “Being able to work from home during this pandemic is a privilege because not everyone has this chance.”

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7. “Having a smartphone and an internet connection is a blessing because I saw so many of my friends struggle to attend classes because they lacked proper resources.” 

8. “For me, it would be getting regular periods and having a fast metabolism. Since I have PCOD and thyroid, I have to take pills everyday just so I can have regular periods.” 

9. “Having an opinion and the freedom to express it.” – Srashti

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10. . “My family is very conservative and they always dictate what I can and can’t wear which honestly is very frustrating and demeaning. So, if you have the right to choose what you can wear without being questioned and taunted, you are privileged. 

11. “Access to clean water.” – Stuti Pandey

12. “My last workplace had filthy toilets and I almost always suffered from UTIs because of it. So yeah, I’d say access to a clean toilet is a major privilege.” 

13. “Going out in the night without having to worry about your safety is a BIG BIG privilege.” 

14. “According to me, privilege is growing up in a metropolitan city. It’s not that small towns are any less. But I have friends who’ve grown up in small towns and they made me realise that in big cities you find much more exposure and better opportunities. At least for me.” – Harshita

15. ” It is a privilege to be with my family in the pandemic. I know of so many who are stranded in other countries and cities, and I feel so privileged that the ones I love are with me.” – Akansha Bhatia

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16. “The time to be with nature and appreciate it. I don’t know how long we have before it is destroyed beyond recovery.” – Navneet

We are privileged in so many more ways than we realise.