I believe, we all have certain things, situations or food that offer comfort to us on days that we’re experiencing bad mental health. Or, some of us are on a journey to discovering what helps us through such times. Which is why, this Reddit thread where people have shared the things that help them overcome their bad mental health moments is worth a read!

Here, read on to see if you’d like to try these too.

1. “I remind myself that this moment is temporary, my feelings are valid, and it’s okay to have them, and that I don’t need to dwell on them if I’m not happy with the way they are making me feel.”


2. “I make a big pot of pasta with tomatoes, basil, a splash of olive oil, feta or Parmesan cheese, and pepper, then I eat it. Pasta is my comfort food.”


3. “I have a happy vibes playlist of songs that are so incredibly catchy you can’t help but want to sing or move to them. I put it on and turn it up as loud as I can stand. Within a few songs I’m usually getting distracted enough to move away from the bad thoughts.”


4. “Fresh air and going out to any supermarket for some groceries. Getting out of the house is the best way to energize again.


5. “Exercise, talk to friends/family, journal, cook tasty and/or healthy food.”


6. “Nap.


7. “Escape to literature and entertainment (thank God for movies and books).”


8. “Mostly, I like to bake cookies, talk to my closest friends and eat a lot of ice cream.”


9. “Go for a walk or workout or journal.”


10. “I isolate myself at home for a while, make sure to sleep a lot and well, and keep myself distracted with things that keep me happy and relaxed: Video games, shows, food and wine.”


11. “Yesterday I was having a bad day mentally. I opened the windows to my apartment to let fresh air in because I absolutely hated the idea of forcing myself to be active, outside. I then sat on the couch with my cat, cuddling and playing video games. I texted my friends saying I’d be offline and shut off my phone. After gaming for a while I took a nice hot shower and sat under the water for a while. I painted my toe nails and then crawled into bed and cuddled my body pillow to sleep. Today was slightly better-ish.”


12. ” Put a blanket and pillow in my closet and hide in there with a hot drink, take my glasses off, and listen to my favorite songs. Recently it’s been songs by Ghost.”


13. “Excluding the usual stuff like exercise and talking to someone, I go eat food from McDonalds in my car and sometimes cry. Life can suck.”


14. “Meditating, eating chocolate, spending time with my dog, and listening to good music.”


15. “I have saved a bunch of videos that always make me smile. I go through those bookmarks.”


These confessions have given me inspiration to build a “Bad mental-health-day toolkit,” ie; Having a bunch of things in place and ready, for a tough time.

Though, if you feel like you would do better with more support, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to your family or seeking professional help