The Indian film industry needs to retire a lot of things because, hey, that’s how we will get to see some meaningful cinema. That said, people online have a lot to say about the changes Bollywood needs to make.

Here we go:

1.”The under-confident girl in any movie would always be a bit dusky or a bit fat or ugly as per society’s beauty standards.”

 Dipanshu Rawal

2. “Padman makers claim that it is the first film in the world tackling a subject as menstrual hygiene. It has been given a U/A certificate by CBFC. But there is another side of the story that shows Bollywood’s, CBFC & media’s double standards. Phullu is the first film made on menstrual hygiene. Released in June 2017 starring Sharib Hashmi & Jyothi Shethi. They support the film which has big stars. This star with his stardom obtained the desired certificate and a small film’s sentiments are crushed by these people.”

 Sunil Karotiya 

3. “Majority of the directors’ launch star kids. Without looking at the capabilities, talent, and endowment, star kids are being launched. There are several eg: Suraj Pancholi, Athiya Shetty, Tiger Shroff, Varun Dhawan, Harshvardhan Kapoor, Uday Chopra, Luv Sinha, Vivaan Shah, etc. There are many as well who are very poor at acting but trying to survive in the industry like Arjun Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor.”

 Shubham Agrawal 

4. “Plagiarism: In the name of “Recreation” they just copy movies, dialogues, songs, action scenes, etc and release them.”

Ashish Khare 

5. “I don’t “hate” Bollywood. I am not really a fan of the movies that come out of Bollywood. They have low production value. The writing and acting for the most part are poor. And finally, the plots are predictable and tiring.”

 Gordon Miller

6. “Bollywood has tremendously influenced people’s thinking of viewing the LGBT community and for the worse. When a person comes along playing the role of a gay man, he’d act in a ridiculous, unusual girly manner and always be touchy around men all the damn time, you’ll sure as hell be cringed to your soul.”

 Sachin Jha 

7. “Veteran Actor Om Puri was paid a tribute by Oscars. And nobody shared it or there was no news about this. Neither of the Bollywood award functions praises real acting and nobody cares about this man’s contribution to cinema. Rather the news which became popular was Priyanka Chopra’s dress.” 

 Shubham Vithalani 

8. “People are stereotyped in the movies like showing a particular community as terrorists or like showing a particular community doing a particular profession.” 

 Jay Desai 

9. “They try to misguide youth at times. Young people consider Bollywood stars as their icons and imitate them. Quite often young boys try to woo girls by stalking them and troubling them as they have seen in movies.”

Jay Desai

10. “This is not the worst thing but one of the reasons why Bollywood will never gain world-class recognition. Talented actors being neglected, suppressed and not being rewarded or offered awards.”

Anurag Agrawal 

11. “Repeated Love story-based movies: This reminds me of a dialogue from Gangs of Wasseypur i.e. “Sala Hindustan mein jab tak cinema hai, log chutiya bante rehenge.”(As long as there are movies in India, you can always make fools out of people). And this can be applied to 90% of Bollywood movies.” 

Jaswant Choudhary 

12. “Lack of Accessibility for Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing in Bollywood Movies: Due to no captions being displayed during Bollywood screening, my tendency to watch Bollywood in movies reduces. Thanks to Netflix. Not surprisingly, Netflix is cheaper than watching it in movies, and also not only that, I watch English movies most of the time. Bollywood movies and songs are out of reach. I know Netflix has included Bollywood movies but to a limited extent.”

 Priyanka P

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