Actor Ranveer Singh keeps stealing the limelight for his PDA moments with wife, actress Deepika Padukone or over-the-top fashion sense in public. Now, Ranveer is grabbing headlines for being a part of the show, Ranveer Vs Wild With Bear Grylls, as he tested his survival skills in wild jungles of Siberia.


We have curated 8 things that Ranveer did on the Bear Grylls show. Sweet, eeuww, oh no! Yes, you might give these expressions while learning them.

1. Ranveer breaking down after he found a rare flower for Deepika

Ranveer entered the show as he wanted to bring home, Serbica Ramonda, a rare flower for his ladylove Deepika from Siberian forests. His 36-hours-long journey while having deadly encounters with wild animals, crossing rivers, and more ended with a last hill that he had to climb to possess that flower. Visibly exhausted Ranveer broke down as he reached the hill top. So sweet of him, we say.


2. Ranveer’s oh-so-awkward kisses on Bear Grylls’ cheeks

Ranveer shocked the audience when he literally planted kisses on Bear Grylls’ cheeks during a helicopter ride. The now-viral video shows the actor telling Bear, “Haye mere imported Tarzan, mere Mowgli!” as he keeps kissing him. Bear, on the other hand, looks too uncomfortable. This scene has invited a backlash against Ranveer on Twitter. Netizens are slamming him for his “borderline assault”.

India Times/Netflix

3. Ranveer dancing in front of wolves

Quite the entertainer that he is, Ranveer showed his dancing skills to wild wolves who were feeding on a dead boar in the jungle. The actor distracted wolves through his dance, meanwhile, his close friend Karan Kapadia managed to steel the boar’s dead body from them so to eat it later. Karan had appeared as a guest on the show.


4. Ranveer eating testicles of the dead boar

In a scene, Ranveer is given two options to regain his energy: either consume the testicles of the dead boar that they stole from wolves or eat maggots. The actor chose to have boar’s testicles after roasting them a bit. Yeahh, eeuuuwww!


5. Ranveer getting his “chaddi” removed

Yes, we aren’t kidding. Ranveer had to get his underpants stripped off so that it can be used as a cloth to light up the fire on a DIY torch before entering a dark cave. That was totally Bear Grylls’ idea and Ranveer definitely gave up.


6. Ranveer’s encounter with snakes in cave

When Ranveer and Bear Grylls crossed the dark cave, the presence of snakes made the actor panic and scream as he saw too many reptiles in front of him. Ranveer also chanted, Jai Jai Shiv Shankar. Both of them tip-toed and jumped while saving their lives from snakes.


7. Ranveer tasting an ant nest

Ranveer tried the taste of ants during his adventure in Siberian forests. In a scene, the actor was offered to try an ant nest and guess what? he indeed ate it. “They are crunchy but they also have a lemon-y taste,” Ranveer said on the show. Eeuuwww, again.


8. Ranveer playing dead in front of a bear

Ranveer was also chased by a bear in the wilderness of jungles. In a scene, the actor lied on the ground with Bear Grylls and remained still so that the bear feels that he is dead. The bear sniffs both of them for a while and leaves the area and then they move forward. Quite brave, Ranveer.


Apart from these eight things, Ranveer Singh also recited poetry while crossing two cliffs on a zipline. “Tanga hua tera bhai, Bear kar raha hai ghai, neeche bahut bahut gehra khai, ek galat kadam aur Ranveer bye-bye. Phool ke liye karna hai try,” Ranveer had said.

Ranveer Vs Wild with Bear Grylls is streaming on Netflix.

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