We know the luxurious lives rich people have, and sometimes it’s beyond our imagination with the facilities they own. The incoming money makes them do a lot of crazy things, and people on Reddit have listed down typical rich people things they want to try once in life.

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1. “I would love to spend a year just doing whatever seems interesting without the worry of making ends meet. And I don’t mean traveling and having fun. I mean exploring trades, jobs, etc that I never considered as they wouldn’t pay the bills.”


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2. “Buying multiple homes. Like some rich people have a little house next to their big house. Then another house just for vacations. It would be neat to just exist somewhere without worrying how I’m going to pay for it and be able to pack up and go somewhere else for a while too.”


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3. “This may be small, but going grocery shopping and picking all the name brand things instead of their cheaper knockoffs because they’re more affordable.”


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4. “Do that thing where you decide where you want to go, and the people who actually run your life do all the organising down to the point where your favourite beer is already in the fridge when you arrive.”


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5. “Go on a stay at a Swiss spa and sort my body and mind out – a couple of weeks of daily massages, steam rooms, beauty treatments, exercise, a full health check, meditation, healthy food cooked for me at a whim. Like just a couple of weeks of super-maintenance to break me out of the slump that late-stage capitalism puts any non-rich person into.”


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6.” To see which people actually care about you. When money comes into your life, that’s when everyone you know will be tested. If they change their behavior or ask for money, they only want your money and don’t deserve to be in your life. But if you’re out to dinner with them and they still offer to pay the check, then they’re a real one. I wish I could know who actually cares about me rn.”


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7.” Buy a house. But just to make it fun, be able to go on hunts throughout the country and not think twice about how much it costs.”


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8.” Do a lot of traveling and just fly somewhere at the drop of a hat without worrying about the cost. Or a huge private library.”


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9. “Personal assistant for some time to delegate a lot of the minor day-to-day shit to so I just needed to worry only about making money and spending time with my kid.”


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10.” Get a cleaner and a chef 🤣 the procrastination would be great, I still procrastinate it just I wouldn’t feel guilty.”


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11. “Dine in a 3 Michelin star restaurant, maybe. Another thing I’d like to try is being able to have a whole manor or vacation cottage to yourself, enjoying the peace and tranquility of something like Lake Como, Italy with friends only, no strangers or tourists getting in the way.”


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12. “Being rich. Nah, I think I’d book a no-expenses-spared Cruise for a few months and watch my bank account absolutely swallow the cost of it all. Crazy how some people make so much money they could do that every day and still make a profit, you know?”


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13. “I would love to walk into a fancy restaurant with a friend (or hey maybe spouse), order my meal, drinks, maybe dessert, and at the end say don’t worry I’ve got this with absolutely no financial anxiety over the ridiculous charge. I’m not exactly broke, but right now I still measure every serious expense in terms of how much else I could have done with that money.”


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14. “Having the resources to have everything paid for and do something completely frivolous and not worry an iota about how it will impact the budget.”


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15. “Donate money to causes that I care about. Seriously. It’s so disheartening to see things in this world that I wish I could change, but know that the only thing that will change them is ridiculous amounts of money. We do what we can and donate what we are able to and I try to always “round up” at stores when they’re doing those fundraisers. But man. How amazing would it be to just fund your local food pantry, so it’s always supplied with food, throw money at the homeless crisis, so shelters can be built, pay for all the overdue school lunch accounts, etc.”


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16. “I would love to participate in the MET GALA. Every year I see the themes and the majority of the time I think, “I could have done better.” Play fancy, rich people costume parties in a museum? Oh, yes, please!”


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