Kapil Sharma’s much-awaited stand-up comedy special, I’m Not Done Yet recently released on Netflix. After watching the one-hour stand-up act I would say it was quite unfunny. Throughout the show, he talks about his life and journey in a way he’s never done before, revealing a few things and answering a few questions.

Here’s what we learnt from his Netflix special.

1. When Kapil Sharma suffered from depression, he used to lock himself up in a room with his dog by his side.

Uss samay main apneaap ko kamre mein bandh kar leta tha aur mere sath mera ek dog hota tha Zanjeer.

2. He had suffered an injury while working out in a gym and was not hit by Salman Khan as suggested by a news headline.

Main wheelchair pe baith ke flight leke ja raha hoon kahin, ilaaj karvane ke liye. Vahan pe kisi ne photo kheench li agle din news mein main kya dekh raha hoon. ‘Kapil Sharma ke show ki giri rating. Salman Khan ne tode haath per’.
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3. Remember the time when Kapil Sharma tweeted to PM Narendra Modi? He was apparently eight drinks down that night. In fact, he revealed that most of his tweets that stirred controversies were posted while he was drunk.

4. Next morning there was a lot of media outside his house. He immediately left for Maldives and apparently spent around ₹9 lakh on that trip.

Jaise hi main Maldives pahuncha maine kahan mujhe aisa room do jahan Internet nahi aata ho.

5. His father named him Kapil after former Indian cricket team captain Kapil Dev.

Mera naam jo Kapil pada ye tab pada jab humari Indian cricket team World Cup jeet ke aayi. Kapil paaji uss waqt captain the aur mere father ko cricket ka bahot shauk tha.

6. Kapil Sharma studied at the same college as that of former Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Singh – Hindu College, Amritsar.

7. He came to Mumbai with ₹1,200 in his pocket with a dream to become an actor.

8. Kapil Sharma always had an interest in music and during the days of his career he joined a popular Punjabi singer Amrinder Gill as a ‘backup singer’ – the one who would sing the chorus.

Once when the singer he used to work with couldn’t perform at a wedding he was supposed to, Kapil was asked to go to the family and inform them about his inability to perform. The family rather kidnapped him and made him perform in place of the main singer.

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9. He won a prize money of ₹10,00,000 on the comedy show The Great Laughter Challenge. He revealed on the show that he received only ₹6,90,000 after the deduction of TDS.

10. He once gatecrashed a party at Shah Rukh Khan’s home in drunk state as one of his visiting cousins wanted to see Mannat.

While elaborating on this incident, he referred to himself as someone who was misusing his popularity.


11. His father who was a police officer by profession, also performed in theatres and Kapil Sharma got to know this only after he passed away.

Have you watched it yet?

All images are screenshots from Netflix unless specified otherwise.