Race 3 released on Friday and let’s just say, the word ‘nonsense’ has a new name. So, instead of wasting your time and your brain cells, we found other ways for you to do the same without spending much money.

1. Watch Gunda

Better dialogues than Race 3!

2. Sleep for 12 hours

You’re gonna fall asleep in the hall anyway. Might as well to do it at home.


3. Stare out the window for an indefinite period of time

It will still be more interesting than the movie’s plot.


4. Get stuck in traffic

You’ll come across more versatile characters on the road than in the movie.

5. Play Candy Crush

Definitely less frustrating.


6. Watch Naagin reruns

The suspense is definitely better here.


7. Go to office on the weekend

There is no other escape.

8. Watch Ramdev Videos

At least this is realistic!


9. Watch Keeping Up With The Kardhashians

A better family drama!


10. Watch South Indian action films

Better stunts for sure!

 But if you’re fond of mental atyachaar, go watch the movie!