Social media always focuses on the shiny and pristine, but this 10-year-old from Mumbai is baring his life on the streets online. 


Chatpat, who goes by Chatpat ka gyaan on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, has been sharing informative little tit-bits and it’s giving us an insight into a life that is often overlooked. 

His ‘hacks’ include ‘teaching’ his followers how to live in Mumbai rent-free and find the resources necessary to survive. 

One of his videos involve him speaking in various languages as he teaches you how to earn money by showing foreigners around. 

Chatpat also teaches you how to get a raise and take care of your mental health as he takes you around the streets with his ‘gang’. 

As funny and cute as Chatpat’s videos are, they also reflect the harsh reality of a 10-year-old living on the streets and trying to survive in his day-to-day life. At such a young age, he has resorted to picking up tricks of the trade in order to make it another day and that is heartbreaking. Follow him to see what this young influencer is going to do next!