Whether we wanted to or not, most of us grew up watching cringy soap operas and delusional reality TV, because that’s exactly what made for entertainment in the 90s. 

Not much has changed from the 90s TV entertainment today and our daily dose of cringe gets hilariously broken down by stand-up comic Harsh Gujral, in his set Indian Reality Shows.


He begins his set by talking about that one moment from that one Hindi soap opera that collectively affected almost every Indian middle-class family – Mihir’s death in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

He then talks about the ongoing TV ‘epidemic’ – reality shows, that showcase everything but the reality.

He goes on to point the ‘flaw’ in the process that reality TV creators use when finding contestants. 

You can watch the complete piece here. 

All images from the video on YouTube, unless specified otherwise. 

Design credits: Shubham Gupta