We have all at some point started watching that new show everyone’s been talking about, crushed half a season by midnight, and yet somehow found the will to stay up for just one more episode

Binging is the only way to watch anything in 2021, and we’re more than happy to roll with it. Thanks to video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, we are now swimming in a large ocean of entertainment with something to watch for every mood and occasion. It had us hooked to the screens through good times and bad, becoming an integral part of our lives. However, this Diwali, Prime Video has a rather unique message for us all.

In its festive campaign #ApnoWaliDiwali, the ultimate entertainment destination is asking us to hit the pause button on the amazing world of Prime Video and instead reconnect with our loved ones. 

In fact, to get this thoughtful message through to us, Prime Video even got their iconic characters to feature in their new brand films. And the magic is totally working on us. I mean, now who wouldn’t be thrilled to have Kaleen Bhaiyya binge-watching the night away with them? And that’s not even the best part. His endearing message at the end of the brand film is filling our hearts with warm fuzzies. Check the video out here. 

And while Kaleen Bhaiyya surprises us with his festive side, Siddhi from ‘Four More Shots Please!’ is not pleased that we’re celebrating Diwali with her on-screen friends instead of spending time with our loved ones and creating some beautiful memories. 

This campaign is a bid to remind us that we can watch our favourite shows and movies anytime we want, because Prime Video will see us through our toughest of times and the best of days. However, Diwali comes only once a year, so we should not let anything get in the way of spending some precious quality time with our family and friends, while following all health and safety protocols, of course!

So ring in the festivities with all those who make your lives more beautiful. Here’s wishing you all a very happy Diwali.