It’s almost Diwali and there is a high chance that the Diwali ki safai at your house is in full swing. This woman is doing just that. Except she took it to a dangerous level.

A viral video on Twitter shows a woman standing outside her window and cleaning the panes. The dangerous part is that the window is on the top floor of a building and there is no balcony or a parapet for her place her feet. She is standing on the narrow window sill and is dusting away in what looks like a fearless feat.

The video was shared by Twitter user, Sagar. Captioned as, “Agar inke ghar Laxmi ji nahi aayi toh kisi ke ghar nahi aayegi Diwali pe“, the video has received more than a million views, over 37K likes, and over 3K retweets. (Translation: If Goddess Laxmi does not come to their house, she will not come to anyone else’s house.)

Twitter is marvelling at her fearless demeanour. Some users appreciated how she took Diwali deep cleaning to another level. At the same time, others questioned if it was the domestic worker who was taking on this dangerous task. This video also brought to light a persistent issue of how it is always the women who toil even at festivals.

Meanwhile, we can only pray for her safety.