If we claimed that we hadn’t imagined popular movies ending differently from how they actually did, we would be lying. What if Anjali didn’t choose to leave Aman for Rahul in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Or perhaps Jack and Rose would have climbed the plank together in Titanic? The audience loves a good narrative twist, but this post shared by philmyyy is one we definitely didn’t see coming. We’ve been fascinated with the main characters Aditya and Geet from Imtiaz Ali’s romantic comedy Jab We Met for years.

Jab We Met
The Indian Express

Despite the fact that we really loved the way the story was handled by the filmmaker, this suggested plot twist makes us believe that things could get much more intriguing. A viewer perceived the movie to be a thriller drama and Geet to be nothing more than a figment of Aditya’s imagination, giving the film’s happy ending another perspective. Sounds promising, no?

Not just other Instagram users, but Imtiaz Ali also found the story twist to be rather fascinating and shared it.

Many users flocked to the comments area to contribute to the theory, and they are all equally worth reading.

What about a Jab We Met: Part 2? We surely wouldn’t mind that.