An old Instagram post by Indian cricketer and Vice-Captain of the Indian National Team, K L Rahul, recently started getting a lot of traction. Some even suggested archiving the post. Why? Well, because it reeks of toxicity and misogyny. Look for yourself!

The posts talk about ‘bro-code’ and the things a bro must and must not do, including that a ‘bro’ should never call another ‘bro’ just to chat. And for some reason also suggests that bros should, sorry ‘must’, make movie quotes as often as possible. AND a bro must never say ‘aww’, because of course, it will be very un-bro-like.

Twitter was astounded by this post

People were also confused between the first and the third point and were kinda asking the right questions

Well, considering the post is almost 10 years old and KL Rahul would’ve been pretty young back then, we could give him a pass for this one (with the hope that these ‘bro-codes’ would have changed by now). I mean, we all have our fair share of embarrassing posts from back in the day, don’t we?

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