It is absolutely impossible to sit down and watch a decent Indian TV show anymore. What’s exactly wrong with them? Well, this Quora thread answered these questions and a lot more. 

1. Women turning into ichadhaari naagins (female snakes) and being reborn again and again for their revenge. The super intelligent diya which extinguishes at the exact time when the protagonist either dies, has lost his memory, suffered a heart attack or is in a coma. The connection is faster than 5G! – Aditi Mishra


2. It’s sad to see Indian television becoming synonymous with regressive saas-bahu sagas and pointless reality shows. Back in the ’90s, TV shows were so much more progressive. Shows like Hasratein portrayed real women with shades of grey. Women in Ekta Kapoor’s shows don’t seem to ever have a life of their own. Their entire universe seems to revolve around their husbands or their in-laws. But 23 years ago (yes, before Sex and the City), Tara portrayed women and their friendships, which were closer to reality. – RJ Mohan


3. Plastic surgery doesn’t just change your look. Oh no! It changes your body weight, height, hair colour and even your voice! Even the middle class individual has enough money to make themselves unrecognisable. – Ieshaan Sharmaa

4. Indian TV shows are only concerned about their ratings. They are not concerned with talent or skills.

One famous reality show, Super dancer has three judges – Shilpa Shetty (because the show needs glamour ), Geeta Kapoor (one good judge) and last but not the least, Anurag Basu (who has no connection to dance). I don’t get the fact that Anurag Basu who himself is unable to dance, is presented as a judge. – Reetu Shubham Goel

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5. A perfect boy, a perfect girl, a jealous vamp, fights between the couple and then love, lots of planning by the vamp, kidnappings, attempt-to-murders, family drama, misunderstanding, leap, transformation, love again, reunited and repeat the cycle. The main problem is DRAMA. – Sakshi

6. Basically, sob stories are more important than talent and skills. TRP is more important than talent and skills. Dramatic content is more important than talent and skills.

I know, participants are very talented but, this drama, fake sob stories and making kids/participants do stupid things (in reality TV shows) irritates me so much. – Sakshi

7. The most unrealistic thing is that the main lead actors are always big major tycoons, however, they are unable to solve their family problems. Also no matter the weather, they are always in coats. They are never shown in PJs. – Reetu Shubham Goel

8. No originality in the titles of their shows as well. The titles are blatantly copied from the lyrics of a Bollywood songs. ex: Diya Aur Baati Hum, Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Ye, Ek Haseena Thi, Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi and many others. – Shakshi Sachdev 


9. This is one is from the most popular shows on StarPlus! And the whole episode of that day was on just about a mother-in-law, who gave her daughter-in-law a saree on Diwali. She didn’t liked that saree and was making faces and instead liked the saree given to the other daughter-in-law. Then she went to kitchen and due to jealousy, put salt in the sweet kheer made by that other daughter-in-law. I was like what? Who does this? Yup, this was the story of that episode, a whole 40 min.

How can we even expect them to grow as actors with such rotten scripts. – Himadri

10. Let’s have a look at one of the longest running show in Indian TV history, CID. No matter how awful the crime is, people directly call CID. Whatever happens in the country ACP, Daya, and Abhijeet will personally check each and every shop to collect information. Dr Salunkhe can solve cases by tasting substances. And when Daya isn’t breaking doors, he’s seen slapping the accused into confessing their heinous crimes. There’s no way a criminal is going to confess without a slap. – Kuldeep Kungwani


11. Every show ever, will have one or more patriarchal concepts, such as a wife accepting her husband no matter how wrong, evil or cruel, he is or because he is the father of the child. Comparing daughters who work hard to sons by saying “Humari Beti hi Humara beta hai”, as if being responsible and successful is an attribute of men, only. – Renuka Shahane

12. Some things they show on reality TV shows are absolutely cringe worthy. Little boys aged 3- 12 flirt with female judges and actresses aged 20–60. Why and how is everyone okay with this? The show, the child’s parents and the actress/ judge should all be sued. – Nikita

13. XYZ died in a car accident. His wife ABC is heartbroken. She is tortured by the entire family and especially her mother-in law. DEF consoles her. Turns out XYZ is alive and comes back home after a month with a new face! Plastic surgery! And then we discover it was DEF who tried to kill him. Unbelievable storylines. – Adwiteeya Parashar

14. As a kid I loved watching National Geographic. Then I grew up and came to know about Indian drama series which are just like Nat Geo shows in terms of displaying animal lives – but with added dramatic plots. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a love triangle between a gorilla and two humans? – Prabhat Mishra

They aren’t wrong.