They say curiosity is the lust of the mind. A person without curiosity can not learn anything new. Be it a child and his pointless questions, or an adult’s existential questions, we all need answers. Quora has served as an open platform to get answers on questions of all sorts. While most question and answers enlighten us, some of the questions just make us question their sanity.

Here are 30 questions you won’t believe people really asked on Quora.

2. The baby(ception) question

Whatever happened to growing up.

3. The Indian question

4. The technical question

Let me guess, mermaids?

5. The question around cleanliness


6. The existential question on time

Yes, we are doomed.

7. The curiosity about atheists


8. And then there are some questions which bring out your pain

Poor guy.

9. The smart question

Because he had to?

10. The ‘Kitna degi? ‘ question

11. The insecure question

12. The super-natural question

The real question is, why?

13. And the questions which question everything

14. The question about our rights

15. Question from the one-sided lover

16. The ‘just curious’ question

17. The ignorant question

What does this even mean?

18. Questions around entertainment


19. The ‘I just got to know about it. What should I do?’ question

Nobody should go though this.

20. And then what every Indian girl faces

It’s not a question. But then, why is it on Quora?

21. Questions on dietary habits

What is a masculine diet?

22. The query about inanimate objects and their feelings

23. ‘How is it even possible?’ question

24. This opened my eyes

Please let him know ASAP. He is desperate.

25. Save giraffe women

26. The genuine question

Best answer ever.

27. WARNING: You might feel uneasy after reading this

We warned you.

28. The questions engineers ask

29. Questions about life choices

30. And then there are people who genuinely care about morals and ethics

Public zoo owned by a secular state?- NO

Any other zoo?- NO

And that’s how curiosity killed the cat.