It was almost seventeen years ago when we first saw Captain Karan Shergill (Hrithik Roshan) commissioned as an army officer in Lakshaya. He gave us a glimpse of the valour, sacrifices, and patriotism that fuels the Indian soldiers who adorn the olive green.


But after all these years, there is this one scene from the film that has stayed with me to date. The scene perfectly showcases the selflessness of a soldier and how the nation always comes first for them, even before their own blood relations.  


The then Lieutenant Shergill who was posted in Kargil got his leave sanctioned and was finally on his way home to see his family. 

Mrs. Shergil was eagerly waiting to welcome her son back home when she stumbled upon some unsettling news about Kargil. And naturally as a parent she was worried because of the uncertainty of the situation. After all, her son was stationed there. 

Lt. Karan Shergill had just stepped into the house and was peacefully meeting and greeting his parents after a really long time, when his concerned father asked him about the strained situation in Kargil. 

Now, Lt. Karan who had left his base 24 hours ago to travel was completely unaware of the situation that had erupted in his absence. He was surprised and clueless at the same time. This hard-hitting moment made me realise how things at the border can escalate in the blink of an eye. 

However, lightening the mood, Karan’s father was starting to catch up with his son when there was a phone call on the landline and it was an official call for Lt. Karan Shergill. 

With a heavy heart, minutes after coming back home for the first time in ages, the lieutenant doesn’t think twice before telling his parents that his leave was cancelled and he was asked to report back to his base in Kargil.

Confused, startled and worried sick about their son’s safety, to get some sense of security, the lieutenant’s parents request him to tell them whatever he knows. But, unfortunately, Lt. Karan couldn’t share any further details with them.

This scene perfectly captures the sacrifices that are made by the families of people embracing the olive green. No matter how worried the lieutenant’s parents were, they understood that the nation always came first for their son. They didn’t try to make this harder on him by asking him to stay. 

And with the ongoing situation, let this scene always remind us that soldiers in combat are human beings with families and emotions too, even if they preach “service before self”. 

The next time if god forbid, a soldier has to lay down their life for the nation, instead of normalising or dismissing their ultimate sacrifice, take a minute to think about their families because they prioritised yours over their own.