If there is one thing, about Netflix's Money Heist--other than the Professor's shy smile--that has captured the attention of fans and critics alike, is the Italian song, Bella Ciao.

Bella Ciao
Source: Oprah Magazine

And now it appears that before the makers of Money Heist included it in their drama, our desi music producers ripped it off for the action-comedy Besharam.

Besharam movie poster
Source: Zee5

Yes, apart from being the most forgettable film in Ranbir Kapoor's filmography, Besharam now has another claim to fame - its song Love Ki Ghanti. Because the song is a near, identical copy of Bella Ciao. 

Love Ki Ghanti
Source: YouTube

Bella Ciao was originally sung by Italian partisans during World War II. And while the original song stands as a symbol of freedom, Love Ki Ghanti celebrates well, you guessed it right, love. 

You can listen to both the songs here: 

Cuz honestly, who can beat Indian music producers when it comes to song heists? Now listening to Love, ciao