There are several reproductive organs in the human body and each of them has a separate and significant rolen. However, it might shock a lot of people that several female reproductive parts are named after males. 

It’s astounding because, among other reasons, most men have zero knowledge about female anatomy.

Female Reproductive Parts
Credits: Pexels

Vagina Museum, the world’s first bricks-and-mortar museum dedicated to vaginas, vulvas, and the gynae anatomy, in a thread, took to their account and shared each part of the gynaecological anatomy named after a man, with a bit of trivia about each of them.

Unsurprisingly, there are no parts named after women. Have a look:

1. Fallopian Tubes – Gabriele Falloppio (Italian Physician)

2. Bartholin’s Glands – Caspar Bartholin The Younger (Danish Anatomist)

3. G-Spot – Ernst Gräfenberg (German Physician)

4. Gartner’s Duct – Hermann Treschow Gartner (Danish Surgeon)

5. Hart’s Line – David Berry Hart (Scottish Surgeon)

6. Graafian Follicles – Regnier De Graaf (Dutch Physician)

7. Pouch Of Douglas – James Douglas (Anatomist)

8. Müllerian Ducts – Johannes Peter Müller (Physiologist)

9. Skene’s Glands – Alexander Skene (Gynecologist)

That’s all for today, folks!