Whether it's a shaadi or a party, us Indians can't start our celebrations without our favourite Punjabi music. But this super energetic genre is not only popular among us, but even firangs can't get enough of it. 

That's right! A guy named Brogan McPartland who goes by the name of the_desi_cowboy on Instagram seems to be a huge fan of Punjabi music. This Harvard going lad is so deep into our desi music that his account is literally just filled with him singing our best Punjabi tracks. 

Man, how we wish he indeed WAS our boyfriend. 

Can you take us on a long drive in your lamberghini already? 

I'm sorry! But can this be the official version of the song, please?  

Hello! I'm ready to rishta you now.    

People are already crazy about his amazing punjabi singing skills. 

This is the kind of wholesome content we live for.