Thugs of Hindostan is the latest Yashraj film to hit the theatres and despite what reviews might say, it will most probably join the 100 crore club. 

But hey, no matter what you thought of the film, it does come with some very valuable life lessons.

1. Never trust a guy who evades taxes.

They will stab you right in the back! Aamir Khan’s character literally gets dacoits to loot his own party and then trades the dacoits to the Brits for some good old cash. 


2. Never believe your friend if their go-to excuse is the death of a distant relative.

Daadi chali gayi is not a reasonable excuse if they use it 4 times a year!

DNA India

3. If you find a guy hiding in your closet without your knowledge, he’s going to give you a lot of grief.

That’s a rule. It’s science. It’s a fact. 

4. Your status as a strong female lead in a standard Bollywood film will be revoked during the course of the film as you find yourself getting recused by the weaker male lead.

Zaphira’s character is sheer badass but she has to be saved by Aamir Khan during the ambush. Really? 


5. Joining a group of pirates, no matter how good their intentions are is probably a bad idea.


6. Also trying to grow crops on a beach is kind of stupid.

The salinity of the land makes it a bit impossible. That’s why they do the whole fishing thing down there. No matter how much help Amitabh Bachchan gets from Aamir, its still stupid. 


7. The East India Company soldiers are like storm troopers. 

They can’t fucking aim to save their own lives. 

8. Never take sweets from strangers.

They will drug you and take your prisoners away, start a rebellion and kill your boss. Lol JK. Don’t do it anyway. 


9. Why aim at the guy 5ft from you when you can aim at the Ravaan 50 mts away and make it fall on him for theatricality? 


If the Night King can do it, then so can Zaphira. Who are we to judge? 


These are some valuable life lessons, ones that only Bollywood can teach you!