Made with a staggering ₹300 crore budget, Tiger 3 screams ‘massive’ through its big sets, scenic foreign locations and action sequences. Talking about massive, here’s a look at the fees that all the actors charged for this movie.

Let’s take a look at these interesting numbers, shall we?


1. Salman Khan – ₹100 Crores

The actor reportedly charged a whopping ₹100 crores for his role as the male protagonist, Tiger AKA Avinash Singh Rathore.


2. Katrina Kaif – ₹10 Crores

The actor, playing the female protagonist, Zoya Nazer, has reportedly taken ₹10 crores for her role in this high-octane action movie.


3. Emraan Hashmi – ₹2.5 Crores

If reports are to be believed, the talented actor has charged about ₹2.5 crores for his role as the former ISI agent and the antagonist, Aatish Rehman.


4. Revathi – ₹35 Lakhs

The actor is portraying the role of RAW’s Chief, Maithili Menon, in the movie and has apparently been given ₹35 lakhs for her role.


5. Ranvir Shorey – ₹50 Lakhs

The actor reportedly received ₹50 lakhs for his role as the protagonist’s former handler, Gopi Arya.

6. Ridhi Dogra – ₹30 Lakhs

The actor, playing the role of the antagonist’s wife in the movie, has reportedly charged around ₹30 lakhs for her short role. 

This is quite interesting!

Money, money, money.