We’ve memed it, tweeted about it, and waited for it, but Amazon Prime Video has been more stingy with giving us Mirzapur Season 2 than my mom used to be with chocolate in my childhood. 

But finally, it seems someone’s listening, or rather reading, all of our comments because Amazon Prime Video just served us a teeny glimpse of Mirzapur S2. And all I got to say is, let the bhaukaal begin. 

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#ms2w but just this one last time 🥳

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An ‘Ode to Fandom’ video was shared on Instagram showcasing Mirzapur’s ultimate fans, before ending with a small glimpse of a man limping towards a haveli. And if we’ve guessed right, it’s none other than Guddu Bhaiya. 


Naturally, fans appreciated the news:

But what all of us fans really, truly need, is a release date. Ab toh bata do!