Netflix’s Dark has finally come to an end. And quite honestly, it was the best sci-fi show any of us have seen in a long time. Now, being a great show means that there a lot of great moments. We have managed to find the best of these moments for you, moments that will stay with us forever. 

Obviously this has spoilers. So if you haven’t finished watching the show yet, do not proceed. Or do, who am I to judge?

1. Michael Kahnwald is Mikkel Nielson. 

This is the first plot twist of the show, that started everything, this had to be on the list. 

At the end of episode 5 of the first season, Jonas receives a letter from his late father who tells him that he’s the kid Mikkel, who got lost in the woods on the 4th of November 2019.

Michael grew up along with his own biological parents and went through everything again because he needed to go along with his fate in order for Jonas to exist, making it painfully understood that he had to die for his son to live. 

2. The Stranger reveals that he’s the older Jonas. 

This was the big reveal that solidifed the theme of the show i.e, the never ending fight between fate and free will. 

Even though Jonas and the Stranger had crossed paths before, there was no way to anticipate this. After being kidnapped by Noah, Jonas pleads with the Stranger to let him go but the latter tells him that things will happen as they are supposed to. 

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3. Agnes Nielson, grandmother to Ulrich Nielson, kills her brother Noah. 

In season 2 we are introduced to Agnes, who is Ulrich’s grandmother and more importantly Noah’s sister. 

For the most part of the series until this moment, we had seen Noah as the bad guy. But the season finale reveals that he’s nothing but a pawn in Adam’s plans. Noah starts questioning everything Adam’s told him after finding out that Charlotte is his daughter. 

At this moment, Agnes reappears and in a bid to get into Sic Mundus, shoots and kills her own brother. 

4. It’s Jonas who plants the idea of suicide in Michael’s mind, after being tricked by Adam. 

Adam tells Jonas that he must stop Michael from killing himself in order to stop the cycle. But we later find out that Michael hadn’t even thought of suicide. It was Adam’s psychopathic self that makes Jonas plant the idea of suicide in his father’s mind, to begin with. 

5. Adam reveals that he’s Jonas, only half a century older!

We have no excuse to even act surprised at this point but god damn, they got us again! This was the moment when we all went WTF! 

Puzzled by everything that’s happening, Jonas asks Adam who he is, at which point, Adam unties his collar and reveals the scar on his neck, the same one that Jonas has on him. Adam is Jonas hellbent on destroying the world that Jonas is trying to save. Go figure. 

6. Charlotte finds out that her mother is actually her daughter Elisabeth!

This big reveal came in the final episode of season 2 but was confirmed by Adam, when he tells it to Noah before having him killed. 

In the season finale, it is revealed through the polaroid pictures that the baby Elisabeth was holding with Noah was none other than Charlotte. 

7. Adam kills Martha in front of Jonas and tells him it was necessary so that he could become the man he was destined to. 

As you can already imagine, the season 2 finale gave us more heartaches than actual things happening in our lives. 

On the day of the apocalypse, Jonas returns to his house to meet his mother, finds Martha instead and the both of them kiss; an otherwise beautiful moment in a ‘dark’ show. 

But since the show is called Dark, dark shit happens. Adam appears, gets shouted at by Jonas for lying to him, then goes ahead and shoots Martha, killing her. 

8. Just as both Jonas and the audience are dealing with Martha’s death, another Martha appears. 

In the mother of all twists, Martha with bangs appears and shocks the shit out of everyone, including Jonas. When asked which time she’s from, she reveals that she’s from another world! As if the show wasn’t confusing enough. 

9. This is probably the only light moment season 3- the running joke about how Torben Waller never gets to tell the story of what happened to his eye. 

Torben gets close to telling what happened to his eye but something always interrupts him, even in the origin world. He’s about to tell the story of how his eye got injured and there’s a blackout. He gets interrupted again. 

10. A pregnant Hannah sees a yellow jacket and gets a bit of Deja Vu. 

At his point, the Adam and Eve world doesn’t exist anymore but this is somehow a remnant, a glitch in the matrix,if you will. After this, Hannah decides to name her kid Jonas. 

11. The Stranger, who now looks a lot like Adam kills his own mother, Hannah. 

Even though a lot of people didn’t like her, Hannah’s murder was still horrifying as it was her son who did it. It was the moment when The Stranger takes the final step and become Adam. 

12. Katharina gets beaten to death by her own mother. Yup, there’s a lot of that going around here. 

This scene is horrifying in itself but it gets weirder when you go back to season 2 episode 6 and realise that Magnus told Martha the story of a drowned woman in the lake without realising that this was their own mother Katharina. 

13. Jonas and Martha’s last moments when Jonas tells her that they are a perfect match and asks her not to believe anything else. 

Just as the two are disintegrating Jonas look at Martha and tells her the classic line that we have heard a dozen times throughout the seaons. But the sheer finality of this scene makes us tear up. 

This has been an emotional roller-coaster. ow, I am gonna go in the back and cry by myself. You do you. 

All images have been sourced from Netflix.