It seems one of our favourite TV shows, Bigg Boss, has been quite the entertainment. All the spicy fights, the gossip and nice gestures by Bigg Boss really have us hooked!

Bigg Boss, Nice
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This is exactly why we’ve compiled a list of all the times Bigg Boss has treated the housemates like a parent spoiling his kids. Here, take a look for yourselves:

1. When BB treated the housemates to pizza.

When many of the housemates went on a hunger strike to protest Gautam’s position as a captain, in a surprising turn of events, Bigg Boss treated the same contestants to pizza to end their hunger strike.

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2. When Bigg Boss tried to gossip with the housemates.

This season we saw Bigg Boss invite and encourage people to gossip with him. Maybe it was a way for him to fit in or a way for him to help the contestants feel more comfortable in the house. Either way, it was cute AF.

3. When Bigg Boss speaks up on everyone’s behalf.

Well, they don’t call him Bigg Boss for no reason. At the end of the day, it’s BB who steps in and speaks up for everyone to get the point across. Like when he told Archana Gautam to shut up because she talks too much and helped everyone else in the house convey their feelings too!

Bigg Boss, Nice

4. When BB surprised the contestants by inviting their family to the house.

In Big Boss 11, BB decided to invite the housemates’ family members to the house as a way to lighten things up and spark joy and warmth in everyone’s hearts. And that’s pretty much the sweetest gesture ever when you’ve been living with strangers for days and haven’t had any contact with the outside world.

Bigg Boss, Nice
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5. When Bigg Boss gave the housemates a Diwali Surprise.

In season 12, Bigg Boss decided to make Diwali special for the contestants by delivering messages to them by their family members. It was both an endearing and incredibly emotional experience for everyone.

6. Bigg Boss surprising contestants with Christmas parties.

Although we see Bigg Boss host Christmas parties every year, back in season 4, it was an iconic surprise Christmas party that had the contestants feeling super happy.

Bigg Boss, Nice
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He’s like the dad who gives you tough love when it’s necessary, but also brings your favorite fruit home without you ever asking for it.