Gordon Ramsay is one of the most well-known names in the cooking world. He’s known for being a tough cookie, yet at the same time, for being equally loving and fun with children. But most of all, he’s known for how he roasts other people’s cooking and food. Which leads us to wonder, who has roasted him? 

So, here is a list of all the times chef Gordon Ramsay has been roasted by others. Whether that is by his own daughter, or by people online who have found themselves disagreeing with his food choices. Take a look. 

1. When he got roasted for his questionable butter chicken choice by desis everywhere. 

2. When he asked Matilda Ramsay what it feels like to be a daughter to the greatest chef in the world and she replied with the wittiest little comeback. 

But Jamie Oliver is not my dad.

-Matilda Ramsay

3. When Mr. Ramsay’s Christmas lunch gravy was looked at with a great deal of doubt. 

4. Let’s not forget the time Jonathan Ross asked him why he went through all that trouble to cook home made baked beans when he could just buy a Heinz can of baked beans and cut his cooking time by half. 

5. When the world-renowned chef got a lukewarm response from chef Chang who was left unimpressed by his Pad Thai. In fact, he said that it didn’t taste anything like Pad Thai! Yep, you read that right. 

6. As we all know, Gordon Ramsay has been having cook-offs with his mother for a few years now. In this video, though she didn’t criticize anything, she did point out a minor flaw which was a mini roasting session in itself. 

Cut to present day, the chef’s mom now tells him outright that she does not like his cooking. 

7. That one time his ‘Beet Wellington’ recipe got roasted like there’s no tomorrow online. 

8. When Mr. Ramsay’s grilled cheese sandwich got ‘corrected’ by a TikToker by the username @dishedit. She pointed out his burned bread and cheese choices and got him defending his cooking time in a hot second.


But you have to admit, he takes criticism well. Not a sore loser at all!