Anyone who has watched Money Heist would surely be in love with the Professor. One of the most intelligent and smart fictional characters, he has impressed us with his skills all through the 4 seasons of the show.


And while all of this is fiction, we have some desis who can put him to shame with their robbery skills.

1. A 19-year-old boy who ran a fake bank branch in Chennai for 3 months in lockdown.

Kamal Babu, the mastermind behind this idea, opened a fake SBI branch in Panruti along with two other friends. Son of former bank employees, he set up the fake bank exactly like a real bank branch. 

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All 3 of them were arrested by the police after a customer noticed it and raised the issue with the bank manager.

Apparently, no transactions took place in this branch due to lockdown and nobody lost any money.

2. A 10-year-old boy who reportedly stole ₹10 lakh in less than 30 seconds from a cooperative bank in Madhya Pradesh.

A CCTV footage of the bank in Neemuch district shows the boy stealing the money from the cash counter right under the nose of queued up customers. He was apparently being guided by a 20-year-old man standing outside the bank branch.

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3. A 30-year-old teacher who was the mastermind behind robbing ₹52 lakhs from Punjab National Bank in Anisabad, Patna.

The accused identified as Aman Kumar is a teacher at a coaching institute near the bank. The police has recovered ₹33 lakh cash, firearms and bikes used in committing the robbery from their possession. 


4. Thieves who robbed a Bank of Baroda branch in Mumbai after gaining access to a 25ft tunnel they dug over four months.

Reports suggest that the group rented a space next to the bank so they could dig the tunnel. It is also believed that they were running a grocery shop on the premises to provide cover for their activities.


5. The duo that was behind the sensational train heist on Salem-Chennai Express and looted ₹5.8 crore after cutting through the roof of a sealed mail coach.

Identified as B Dinesh Pardi and R Rohan Pardi of Ratlam district in Madhya Pradesh they were part of a five-member gang involved in the heist that happened in 2016.

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6. Thieves who dug up a 125-feet-long tunnel to a bank in Sonepat, Haryana and broke into 77 lockers.

Within an hour, the thieves cleaned out 77 lockers, without breaking them, and stole valuables and cash worth ₹100 crores.


7. The man who printed ₹10 lakh fake currency after watching YouTube tutorials on the same.

27-year-old Ravi Sandhu was surfing through YouTube when he came across a video on how to print fake Indian currency. Inspired by the video, he bought a computer and a printer and started printing his own money.

He even circulated them in Punjab and Delhi, before getting arrested by the police.

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8. This man who operated a fake Karnataka Bank branch in UP.

Aafaq Ahmed, a man from Badaun in UP, had opened a fake branch of Karnataka Bank in Mulayam Nagar of Ballia district. He successfully collected a total of ₹1.37 lakh by opening 15 saving accounts and fixed deposits of locals.


He had also hired 5 employees to make it look like a real bank branch. Police seized a lot of stationery, passbooks, application forms, computers and other furniture when they arrested the man.

9. Thieves who used Mahindra Scorpio SUV to dislodge an ATM in Pune.

A CCTV video of the incident also went viral on social media where men in the Scorpio were seen tying a rope at the car’s end to the ATM. The driver then accelerated the car, pulling out the ATM. The men then picked up the machine and put it inside the car.

10. These men who robbed a museum in Delhi.

Inspired by popular Bollywood film ‘Dhoom 2’, 3 men, who allegedly stole 16 antique Pashmina shawls worth ₹2 crore from the National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum in Delhi.


Professor has got nothing on these people.