A few days ago, we discussed how Kangana Ranaut’s science lessons which are a work of a genius brain. People like you and me can’t comprehend them because they need access to the metaphysical world which we don’t have.

Today, we will discuss Kangan’s wise words on history, religion, and spirituality. You see, he knowledge is so wide, she is an expert on all subjects. 

1. In this reply to Ayushmann Khurrana’s comment on Yami Gautam’s post, she says “our history” (we will assume India’s history), is older than time. For any other person, I would have said this is an expression, but Kangana doesn’t really use language like that. She most likely, really, literally, means it. 

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2. One can never be sure with Kangana, but I think she is using the line “invaders in native red Indians land” for Meryl Streep. I know, just. The usage of the phrase “Red Indian” is not just controversial but also unnecessary. Kangana does it only to be able to connect it with ‘Indian’ to make her argument.

What is the argument? You’re expecting too much from me. Does anyone ever know what her argument is?


3. Based on one photo, Kangana made this sweeping assumption about “ancient women”. How does she know they were “representing their individuality”? How does she know that if given a choice these women would not have wanted to wear torn jeans?

Anyway, she later posted pictures of herself wearing torn jeans saying that one should only don them if they carry them like her.

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4. “Sadhguru represents ancient wisdom of Bharata”. No offense but Sadhguru says “feminine is a dimension”, so.

Also, off-topic, but can someone please introduce Kangana to punctuation marks? 

And why does she keep jumping from one argument to something totally unrelated? Worms, what?


5. And this. I am constantly amazed by the seriousness with which she says these things. One would suspect she has met Ravana personally.

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Kangana, the knower of all.