Kangana Ranaut's Twitter account recently got suspended and with that, the process of healing has begun for the world. 

You see, the dimensions Kangana's tweets penetrated are unknown to humans and that can only be termed as dangerous. Also, their metaphysical vibrations are too strong for our souls to handle. 

But now, it's all sorted.

If you have had the misfortune of following Kangana (we all did, by default) you know why I have decided to get into science like this. I have learned from the best. Here are 6 times Kangana Ranaut gave us lessons in science that unravel the mysteries of the universe.

1. Kangana never leaves any chance to tell that she left home at 15. However, this was the first time she told us what she left with - C. For constant. Constant for God. God for missing variables. Missing variables for something only Kangana can explain.

Kangana explaining science
Source: Kangana Ranaut/Twitter

2. Here, Kangana raises a very important question. All the oxygen we are "forcefully" taking for the minor job of saving lives, who is compensating for it? Legit. Please plant more trees, oxygen is our only C (refer to point 1).

kangana explaining oxygen scarcity
Source: Gulf Today

3. With immense research, Kangana Ranaut has found that coronavirus is "self-made" and while it may be killing humans, it is healing everything else.

Kangana explains science
Source: Mashable

4. This is some Freudian stuff, isn't it? Sadhguru, a dimension enthusiast, found support from Kangana, who thinks we all have the sun and the moon inside us. She meant to hint at the duality of nature I think, but lost track. As a person with rats' IQ, I can't really tell her that though.

Kangana on science
Source: Zoom TV

5. Okay, first of all, I am really wary of people who put a space between ha and ha. It's a very strange way of writing. Also, those are not even funny sentences. They are barely even sentences. Need X-ray vision Kangana is talking about to comprehend this. Metaphysically, of course.

Science by Kangana
Source: Hindustan Times

6. No one:

ICSE science students explaining their school life.

Kangana science
Source: Times of India

Interesting how Kangana can see through everything but she couldn't predict that she'll be ousted from Twitter. Ye ek dimension woh nahin samajh paayi.