From his role as Maddy in Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein to his performance as Farhan in 3 IdiotsR Madhavan has never failed to win our hearts. Even after being a part of the industry for decades, the actor has managed to stay relevant to the audience.

Madhavan has always been as amazing off-screen as he is on-screen, despite making only a few appearances at interviews and being less active on social media.

Here are some of the off-screen moments that made us fall even harder for the actor.

1. When R Madhavan volunteered for a good cause rather than for applause.

PETA recognised the actor of the year in 2017 for the Person of the Year Award, for his contributions to vegetarianism and anti-cruelty campaigns. In fact, he has volunteered with The Banyan, a Chennai-based charity, and has performed in charity musicals. Madhavan also worked as a guest cook for a charity in Chennai, where he prepared dosas and raised ₹45,000.

2. When he was humble in the face of criticism.

While critics gave Madhavan’s Maara mixed reviews, one of the fans seemed disappointed. When the fan slammed the film on Twitter, the actor responded with modesty. Madhavan apologised and assured that his next film will be better. If that ‘humbleness’ won’t win over the fans, what else will?

3. When the actor gently declined a fan’s proposal. 

R. Madhavan had an unusual encounter with a fan when an 18-year-old posted a marriage proposal on social media for the actor. And he had the sweetest answer after noticing the remark. 

4. When he subtly shut down a troll. 

Maddy may be nice most of the time, but he certainly knows when to turn the savage switch on. So when a Twitter user suggested he might be using a skin-lightening product, the actor responded accordingly.

5. When he gave students hope by revealing his board exam results. 

The actor, who got a 58 percent in his board examinations, posted his results on social media in a bid to encourage individuals who are upset with their scores. If Madhavan says “marks are just numbers” we believe it.

6. When he has those ‘proud dad’ moments on social media. 

Madhavan, who frequently posts about his son Vedaant, is not shy about expressing his pride in his child’s accomplishments. In fact, in an interview, the actor’s son stated that he heavily supports and motivates him.

7. When the actor showed his wit. 

One of Madhavan’s fans tweeted that he should be referred to as “daddy” after he released a video of himself on the set of a film. The actor answered humorously, while totally ‘kid zoning’ the Twitter user.

8. When he explained what fuels his passion.

In an interview, Madhavan claimed that he has never allowed himself to be immensely wealthy in his work life, which motivates his desire to perform better.

I think, also, I was never financially super settled at any given point of time and never allowed myself to be there. That hunger to create what is called a ‘star life’ has always kept me wanting more. But I have realised I can never live like a star. I’m a terrible star. I don’t wear designer clothes, and I can’t afford to have people around me all the time. I also realised how you walk at the airport decides how many people mob you and how many people leave you alone. I’m very, very hungry. I don’t think I can ever reach a stage where I can say I’ve made it.

-R Madhavan

I believe we have valid reasons to be mad for Maddy.