‘8 times Raghu lost his cool’ seems like an odd thing to say because he lost his cool every 10 minutes. I am aware of that. However, sometimes he was really scary, more than usual. Here are some of those instances.

1. When asked about his life ambition, this one said, “I want to face Raghu”. Where do these people come from is a question I will keep asking forever, but here’s Raghu taking serious offense to the guy’s statement.

2. If we knew anything about Raghu, the Roadies judge, it was that he doesn’t like being interrupted. Literally, just had to stay silent, but no.

3. Take a shot every time they say ‘interesting’.

4. Kya karta hai? Ghoomta hun. Kahan ghoomta hai? Road pe ghoomta hun. 

5. This is the definition of ‘to put axe on your own foot’.

6. The guy sent money with his form like shagun.

I am a little uncomfortable by the manner in which Raghu keeps addressing the woman in his crew member as a “bachchi“, though.

7. Ab aage ye socha hai ki graduation ho jaaye tab thodi padhai karunga. I am tempted to make a list of iconic Rodies quotes.

8. He got eliminated because of an iPhone S3. Someone has to find that funny.

At some point, Raghu stopped screaming and life was never the same again.