Ranveer Singh is a versatile actor who is always in news for his stellar performances. But that’s not all that he trends in news for. His “no-fucks-given” attitude is one of the major reasons for him making headlines. Today, we look at some of the things Ranveer Singh did, which shows that he doesn’t give af. 

1. When he live-tweeted his surgery

Ranveer Singh doesn’t really give a f*ck about most things, or at least it seems that way. Back in 2015, he injured himself while shooting for Bajirao Mastani and underwent surgery – and sent live tweets from the operation theatre. 

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2. When he recreated Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye video

Back in Dubsmash’s popularity days, Ranveer Singh was a very active member of the community. He even recreated Taher Shah’s Eye To Eye video with the whole outfit, long hair and everything.


3. When he danced in the traffic jam

Back in 2014, Ranveer Singh dressed like Krish with a mask and all the shebang and danced on Hrithik Roshan’s Mai Aisa Kyu Hoon on a very busy Mumbai street. He even did some uthak-baithak in the video and apologised to the traffic police in the video.

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4. When he participated in AIB’s roast and got cosy with KJo

The roast which created so many controversies. The first of its kind celebrity roast in India by AIB saw Ranveer Singh getting roasted by the team and roasting them in return. Along with that, Ranveer was also seen canoodling with Karan Johar and not giving any f*cks. 


5. Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot

The photoshoot which is creating so many headlines. Recently, Ranveer Singh did a nude photoshoot for Paper Magazine, which garnered great popularity. Many actors would have denied this shoot but not Ranveer Singh, he just doesn’t give a f*ck. 

6. When Ranveer Singh made the purpose of Ranveer vs Wild finding Deepika a rare flower

Ranveer vs Wild – a journey to get Deepika a special flower that never dies. Ranveer faced so many difficulties, battled so many challenges, all to get Deepika that rare flower. Ain’t that just beautiful?


7. When he gave a special dance performance for Deepika 

A video of Ranveer Singh dedicating a special performance to Deepika Padukone on his mom’s birthday went viral. In the video, he was seen dancing on Nashe Si Chadh Gayi, while Deepika sat on the couch and enjoyed the lovely performance.

8. Whenever he goes for clothes shopping

Ranveer Singh’s dressing style is the epitome of no fucks given. From wearing a ghagra to dressing up like a condom, he doesn’t shy away from anything. 


9. When Ranveer Singh spoke in Deepika Padukone’s mother tongue, Konkani

A few days back a video of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone went viral. In the video, they can be seen attending an event. Ranveer Singh, in front of hundreds of people on stage, says a couple of lines in Deepika’s mother tongue Konkani! He said that he is very happy to be a Konkani son-in-law and said “May God bless you all!” in Konkani.

These are just a few incidents, there are many others coz if there’s one thing that Ranveer Singh is, it’s being extra – extra fun, extra loving and extra spontaneous.