When you think Dil Chahta Hai, you think Goa and maybe that scene from the opera with Akash. But honestly, it was Sid who was the heart of this film. Played by Akshaye Khanna, Sid was an artist who fell in love with an older woman and didn’t feel the need to make a big deal out of it. As we look back at the film, 20 years later, we can’t help but agree that in these moments, we fell in love with Sid. 

1. He hates Akash’s nonsense as much as we do and even resorts to throwing a Rubik’s cube at him. Violence is not always the answer but Akash deserved that. 

2. Before he even sees her face, Sid stops to help Tara with her bags. He just couldn’t pass by someone in distress without lending a helping hand and how sweet is that?

3. He never ignores Deepa, even when they spot her for the first time at the hotel, he is the only person who makes conversation with her while Akash ignores her and Sameer is busy laughing. 

4. While Akash tried his best to break up Sameer’s relationship, Sid actually gave him the advice he needed. 

5. He has no illusions about life and being young. While the other two are man-children who can’t seem to grow up, Sid has his head on his shoulders. 

6. This entire conversation that he has with Deepa is so beautiful that we all fell in love with him. He talks about love, falling for the wrong people and putting yourself first.  

7. When Tara tells him about her daughter and the divorce for the first time, he doesn’t judge her. Instead, he stands up for her and says that she isn’t an alcoholic and what happened to her was unfair. 

8. He’s a charmer! How does he even say these things and turn us into mush?

9. Him and Akash only had a fallout because he was the only person who could call him out for his toxic and disrespectful behaviour. 

10. He was so kind and beautiful with his love for Tara. He never once forced her to love him back, but knew that he never could stop his own emotions. 

11. When Tara’s ex-husband doesn’t let her daughter visit her for her birthday, he takes Tara out for dinner and makes a celebration out of it just so she wouldn’t be alone. 

12. Unlike his friends, who judged him for falling in love with Tara, he didn’t judge any of them for their choices. He even gave Sameer the strength and support he needed to confess to Pooja. 

13. He weeps for the woman he loves and promises Tara that he will try to be happy for her. Instead of being a stereotypical ‘hero’, Sid heard what she had to say, and wasn’t afraid to cry and be emotional. 

Sid definitely made us feel all warm and fuzzy. 

All images are screenshots of Dil Chahta Hai on Netflix.