If someone is a celebrity and they are dating another person who is also a celebrity, it takes trolls approximately 0.02 seconds to become a part of their relationship. Because they have no life, but entitlement in abundance. Here are a few examples of when celebrity couples were told how to behave by absolute randos.

1. Thank goodness Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas don’t give two fucks about random opinions because they have been judged relentlessly since their wedding. This time around, people are angry over a picture of them having fun. It’s like trolls smell enjoyment, and come all guns blazing to ruin it.

2. In this sweet video, Ranveer is merely trying to take some dust off Deepika’s jeans after which he gives her a kiss on her cheek. Pretty harmless, yeah? Not for trolls.

India Today
India Today

3. Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora, on the other hand, got trolled for this picture. Not that people spare them generally. While Malaika is constantly called a gold-digger, Arjun is often asked why he didn’t find anyone younger than him. Sigh!

Instagram/Malaika Arora
Instagram/Malaika Arora

4. When Aamir Khan and Kiron Rao announced their divorce, judgment poured in from all directions. The ‘issue’ became communal, and soon, political. Then of course, there were also people who mocked them for announcing their separation on social media. Things got to a point where they addressed their divorce in a video, almost apologising for “hurting” people. 

5. Kareena and Saif have also been on the receiving end of trolling because of the names they chose for their kids, as they were apparently “inappropriate”. Also, Saif was previously married to Amrita Singh, and Kareena was dating Shahid. Oh, the crime of moving on from a relationship! 

Here is an example with layers after layers of sexism and trolling.

6. Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik had to face incessant criticism for marrying each other. In India, Sania was called all sorts of names and asked why she “couldn’t just marry an Indian, there are a lot of Muslims here”. 

Unbelievable stuff. This continues to date, by the way.

7. Prateik Babbar posted a super hot photo of him and his wife where she was topless. I don’t need to tell you what happened next but Prateik ended up deleting the said post later.

Here are two people who are in shape, and they are in love. It made TOTAL sense to post that picture but well…


8. Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar had the most beautiful wedding, and they look incredible together but what bullies focus on is their age difference and that Milind was married to someone else before.

How pathetic a life do you have to have to sit and think you will call out someone for being “too old” for their wife, and to go ahead and do it because you have no other work.

There is a thing called “minding your own business”. It’s a good thing. Takes you far in life.