Call it a habit or what we all tend to seek validation from others. It has sadly become a part of our life, and we totally need to get done with it because it’s exhausting. We need to figure out the opinions and advice that are valuable to us and forget what the rest of the people have to say. Redditors who have mastered the art of not giving a fuck have shared some valuable tips, and they are worth your attention. Read on.

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1. “The only secret is to get so fed up with people’s constant barrage of bullshit, you just run out of fucks to give. You begin to treasure the people who infinitely support you, even when you don’t deserve it, encourage you even when you see yourself as a mess, and give less fucks to people who you know will hate you whether you’re doing good or not.”


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2. “It’s easy. Think of the worst possible outcome for your particular situation, and then not give a fuck about it. It really does get easier the older you get. Since my life is about half over, a life sentence in prison wouldn’t bother me as much.”


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3. “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” I find that practicing meditation and learning how to be more patient really helped me a lot. It taught me to not obsess over little things. I used to worry about the littlest things, even though I knew rationally that it was not worth it. Over time, I stopped emotionally reacting to unnecessary aspects, and let me tell you, it sure is liberating. Start with omitting worry about the little things and once you realize how liberating it is, your mindset will grow.”


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4. “The key is knowing whose opinion to care about, if they aren’t going to be in your life in the long term then you shouldn’t care.”


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5. “Honestly, it’s about what you can control. You can control others about as much as you can control the weather. I don’t worry about the weather much except making sure that I am dressed/otherwise prepared for it.”


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6. “Realize that no matter what you do, someone is going to be disappointed in you, judge you, or think you’re wrong. I used to care, someone would express distaste for my choices then I’d change to fit their approval. Then someone else would express distaste for THOSE choices. I was in a never-ending cycle of pleasing others instead of looking inward to find out what I truly wanted to do with my life. You can’t please everyone and some people are going to hate you no matter what.”


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7. “I realized that everyone will have an opinion. You don’t like every single person, right? Not everyone will like you. Simple as that. Stop making others a priority. You do you. Do whatever makes you happy. Do what makes you feel good. Do what makes you smile.”


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8. “With time, I eventually realized that caring about what others thought wouldn’t benefit me. Also, my emotions were in turmoil, letting go of that mindset, let me feel more at peace with myself.


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9. “You need to realize that other people don’t think as much about you as you do yourself. If you say something embarrassing in public, nobody cares or really remembers.”


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10. “As you get older it bothers you less. In your youth your relationships with people are paramount. As you age you have already spent so much time trying to please everyone else that you get to the point where you just want to be left alone. At that point, you don’t really give a shit anymore.”


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11. “I heard some advice I defined as good. If someone falls you can offer your hand to them. If they keep falling and you keep offering your hand, especially if they don’t take your hand, you’re wasting your time. Your hands could be doing something to help yourself. I extrapolated a bit, and it helped me move toxicity out of my life. Which helped me care less what others think/say to/about me.”


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12. “Faking it. Seriously, just keep acting like you don’t care and you finally stop caring. For example, wear just your boxers outside to take the trash out enough times and you eventually don’t give a shit if someone’s you or not.”

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13. “Just focused on myself and my goals and if someone didn’t agree I ignored and moved on. In some cases, I cut the toxic people off. It’s hard when you are very passionate about something and everyone around you opposes it; just stay focused and determined.”


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14. “Simply surrounded myself with people who genuinely love me and show me their love all the time and eventually i was so content with what i have and with myself that i no longer care about what anyone thinks.”


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