Disney's streaming service Disney+ debuted yesterday. And as it did, fans subscribing to the new channel also got access to the deleted scenes from Avengers: Endgame

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While Marvel did share a gag reel and six other deleted scenes back in July for the Blu-ray release, these new bits scenes offer more insights.   

Endgame deleted scene Tony Stark tribute
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The biggest and the most emotional of these scenes in Tony Stark meeting a grown up Morgan in the Soul Realm after the final snap. 

Tony Stark Morgan deleted scenes
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We see Stark talking to his teenage daughter about if his decision to sacrifice himself was the right thing to do. 

Morgan Stark
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Morgan then goes on to tell him that someone had to do it, and his decision had saved everyone in the universe. 

You can watch the scene here: 

But it's a little difficult not to sob when Tony tells her, 'I love you 3000' before the scene ends. And Twitter agrees with us. 

I am not crying, you are.