2021 brought a plethora of shows and movies that made sitting at home, with nothing but online classes to attend, tolerable. I can’t even imagine not having an option of binge-watching mid-classes.

Well, to honour these and give you a wishlist of to-watch shows, here are the top 10 Amazon Prime Video shows that deserve attention. 

1. The Wheel Of Time

2021 was definitely a year of fantasy, and The Wheel Of Time tops the genre. Based on Robert Jordan’s novel series of the same name, the show made a mark on people who love dragons and magic. If you were disappointed with the last season of GoT, then this show will restore your faith in epic fantasy. Following the journey of Moiraine Damodred, member of a powerful organization of women who’ll save the world from the Dark One.


2. Mumbai Diaries 26/11

Bringing alive the horrors of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, the show follows the staff of Bombay General Hospital and how they tried to fight the situation, while performing their duties, all the while witnessing the unspeakable trials and tribulations. The show garnered rave reviews as it successfully managed to bring the night on-screen in an impactful way. 

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3. The Family Man Season 2

Continuing the journey of Srikant Tiwari, a senior officer in the Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC), the season 2 of the show balances the screen time with the spy-thrilling sequences and the personal life of the officer. A gripping sequel to the first season, this part too was as fast-paced and humorous as the first.


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4. The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4

The dystopian series, based on Margaret Atwood’s book of the same name, picks up from where it left the pieces in season 3, and presents the fourth part in a more powerful way than ever. Following June, the handmaid of Gilead who has been doomed to bear sexual slavery and forced childbirths, rises in this season and avenges herself. I won’t give any spoilers, but this season was worth the hype and proved to be as good as the first.

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5. Tandav

Despite the controversies surrounding it, the show undoubtedly left a mark. Starring Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia and Sunil Grover, the show brings forth the dark and ugly side of politics, all the while dealing with power politics. Ambitious, clever and vulnerable, sometimes too violent, the show needs to be watched.

The Indian Express

6. One Mic Stand Season 2

The show brings celebs who are non-comedians who give a performance set in front of a live audience for the very first time. This season we had celebs like Sunny Leone, Chetan Bhagat, Faye D’Souza, Raftaar and Karan Johar trying to tickle our funny bones.


7. Them

The period drama, set in 1953, revolves around a black family migrating to an all-white neighborhood in Los Angeles, during the Second Great Migration. The series has some really graphic scenes on racial violence which is almost pornographic, and shows how supernatural and real world threats surround the black family. 

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8. Kevin Can F**k Himself

A comedy series among all the dark ones we’ve mentioned here, Kevin Can F**k Himself explores the life of Allison McRoberts as she struggles to redefine her life stuck in an unhappy marriage to a man-child. The show is shot interestingly, with two perspectives: one that shows a stereotypical sitcom with a multiple-camera setup and canned laughter, and the other filmed in a single-camera setup to show the pov of Allison. 

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9. Nine Perfect Strangers

This miniseries is based on Liane Moriarty novel of the same name. Bringing together nine strangers who gather at a resort for a 10-day retreat, the show follows the revelations and secrets not just about the hotel but also about each other, as things never are what they seem to be. 

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10. Modern Love Season 2

Interestingly, the series is based on a New York Times column of the same name, and shows different love stories taking place in different areas of NYC. The second season picked up better and more real stories than its predecessor, which are more sensitive, sensual and feels more at home and personal.

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Why don’t you pick these shows to binge-watch during this holiday season for a perfect get away at home?