Till date, Baazigar remains one of Shah Rukh Khan’s best works.

The film had everything. 

Kickass dialogues…

Amazing songs…

And of course, an amazing storyline.

But we thought that the lead characters had hogged the limelight for way too long now. 

So much so, that one amazing character was being criminally ignored by everybody.

That of Inspector Karan. 

Who happens to be this guy right here with the Duryodhan vibes.

Venus movies

Inspector Karan makes his entry 1 hour 9 minutes into the movie.

And immediately starts lusting after Priya (Kajol’s character). 

He then meets Priya at the crime scene and refuses to believe her when she says that Seema could’ve never committed suicide…

But then, on her (very minimal) insistence, agrees to help her off the record. 

And that’s when we find out, that he’s the worst cop in the history of mankind.

Because he’s the only one who doesn’t realise that he’s been friendzoned by the ‘love’ of his life. LOL!

He then gives Priya some valuable advice. 

Priya goes to the college and finds out that just like her, Seema too had severely friendzoned a guy called Ravi.

And this right here is the reason why.

To cut a long story short, Ravi says that (being the creep that he was) he’d clicked some photographs at the house of a girl called Anjali where Seema’s ‘friend’ was also present.

Naturally, he gets killed by Vicky in the very next scene. 

Because hey, film abhi 2 ghante aur chalaani hai. Can’t reveal the killer that easily, amirite?

Vicky then types a fake-ass suicide letter in which he frames Ravi as Seema’s killer.

Ravi dies but not before giving us this Oscar winning expression.

Venus movies

Enter the man of the moment Inspector Karan once again who IMMEDIATELY believes everything on face value.

Seriously, sometimes you wonder whose side is he on. The killer or Priya’s?

Anyway, the movie progresses. Unbeknownst to Inspector Karan, Priya’s dad has already approved of Priya and Vicky’s love.

He decides to express his love nevertheless. 

With this song that perfectly sums up his incompetency in every field of life.

It’s also through the course of this very song that we find out that Inspector saab had been an A-grade stalker himself back in the day, who used to roam around with Priya’s name written on his palm.


Meanwhile, Vicky is planning to kill Anjali, a girl who claims to know who Seema’s killer is.

Soon after Vicky is done talking to her on the phone, Inspector Karan enters.

OMG! Did he hear everything? 

Will he now, finally, realise his true potential as a cop, and finally nab the killer?


Well, the answer is NO.

‘Cause turns out he’s only there to use the phone.

Which he does while Vicky calmly goes to finish off another victim. 

And the one time he DOES suspect him, he immediately allows himself to be shut down by Vicky. 

That’s probably when Kajol realises ki ‘Beta tumse na ho paayega’ and uncovers Vicky’s a.k.a Ajay’s secret herself.

He does make one final (unnecessary) appearance in the film. Right after Vicky/Ajay dies. 

The next time you feel useless, just think of Inspector Karan.