Many desi millennials are about to reach their 30s and crossing that milestone comes with many changes. For one, you can’t stay out partying for as long as you used to before. And now, you definitely need to take some form of antacid to aid your foodie ways.  

Which is why, when we came across this thread, where a Twitter user by the name of @lady_gabbar has talked about wanting a bar for people in their 30s where some of the most loved songs from the 2000s would be played, is so freakin’ epic. 


In it @lady_gabbar or AKA Ankita has talked about playing songs such as Oh Oh Jaane Jaana, It’s The Time To Disco and You Are My Soniya. And how the party will end sharp at 1 am. As a 90s kid, I cannot explain how comforting this entire idea sounds! 

And here is how netizens responded to Ankita’s tweet. While some came forward with other ideas for the party, others simply reminisced and shared their nostalgic moments.

Also, it’s so endearing how a lot of people have also suggested to end the party at 10 pm! Because same, I may not be able to go sleep by 1 am, but I’d like to BE in bed by 11 pm. 

This idea is literal gold.