This Diwali was peppered with tons of celebrities dropping their Diwali photos and Amitabh Bachchan too shared a picture-perfect moment with his family. However, more than the members of the family, the painting which was featured in the group photo grabbed many eyeballs on the Internet.

If you scan the image closely, the huge bull painting in the backdrop of the photo will make you wonder. Haven’t you seen something similar before?

Twitter /SrBachchan

*Drumrolls* the legendary Majnu bhai’s painting from Welcome!!


Well, you aren’t the only one ‘drawing’ this comparison, this painting has hit the right nerves of many Majnu bhai fans out there. The reactions are hilarious. 

Instagram/ amitabhbachchan

However, some also shared the meaning behind the painting. Trust me, the significance is worth knowing. 

It’s been 14 years since Welcome and we’re still obsessed with it. Wow. On a side note, gorgeous family photo Amit uncle.